Order Taking Service 24x7x365

PRO Order Taking Service lets you operate 24x7x365

You're "Always Open" with PRO.

Our Sales Order Taking Service is especially well-suited for keeping your business "open" 24 hours every day, regardless of your personal schedule.

PRO can be your sales order taker when you are away from your phone, or 24 hours each day, 365 days a year.

Never again miss a selling opportunity

We speak with your customer and answer questions as you instruct us. If the call is for a sales order, we get the information you ask us to get to complete the sales order, and then forward the information to you to process during your regular hours... and you don't miss a sale by phone.

More and more businesses get calls for sales orders at all hours of the day and night. More than ever, people are working evenings and nights and their personal schedules often require that they conduct their business when you are not in your office.

PRO's Sales Order Taking Service has worked well for several of our Customers over the years and it can work for you. We have the experience and equipment to support the sales order taking process. Whether you are selling durable goods, one-of-a-kinds, collectibles, subscriptions or services - PRO can help you with this part of your business. This frees your time to do something else (time off or other work??), and you don't have to sit by your phone.

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