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Why use PRO Dispatch Service?

Consider these benefits to your business when you use
PRO Answering & Dispatch Service:

PRO's Dispatch Service can:

  • help improve the efficiency of your business
  • reduce your need for personnel
  • enhance your business image

No matter how small or large your business - Your callers and customers always talk with a professional, experienced operator. Your Customers will appreciate that much more than an answering machine, and it's a sign to your customers that you are a professional.

We can dispatch to you or your people by 2-way radio, cell phone, pager, e-mail, FAX or PDA as the calls come in. When you have more calls than people to do the work we can help you prioritize the work for you in terms of geography so you drive the fewest miles to your next service call.

Already using PRO Answering & Dispatch Service are Vets, Midwives, Plumbers, Electricians, Roofers, Taxi Service, Emergency Repair Services, oxygen suppliers, and more. Could this work for your business? Yes!

Imagine... that you are a plumber with a cell phone and you are crawling in the mud under someone's house to fix the plumbing. You forgot a special wrench you need, and while you are crawling out to get it, your cell phone rings - again. It's another customer calling. You're getting the current job done, but it's not a swell day. If you're a bit grumpy, often that comes across to your customers.

If you are self employed and talking on the phone you are probably not fixing things - which produces your revenue. Get PRO Answering & Dispatch Service to take your calls so you might be able to get one more customer serviced each day or get home a little earlier to see more of your family. Using PRO Answering & Dispatch Service can translate to more customers, more revenue, bigger profits and better Public Relations.

Whatever your most important reason - we would like to earn your business. We will make time for your questions about our services and to help you get your PRO Answering & Dispatch Service account started. Please call anytime to set up an account or for more information.

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