Custom Answering Service

Let us create a custom answering service package for you

A professional call center can offer much more than just answering your phone line

Get the call center services you need, but don't pay for those you don't need.

From simple telephone answering and messaging to complex order taking - PRO Call Center can do it for you.

We can help you develop a custom script to meet your needs, including specialized inquiry questions - depending on your callers statement or answers. Your script is then used when we answer your phone lines to get the information you want from your callers. The calls are dispatched per your instructions or can have messages taken or the sales info recorded, tabulated and forwarded to you. You can call in to PRO to get your messages verbally or you can listen to the recording of each call.

It really is amazing what we can do for you with the latest in answering service technology at our fingertips. Please contact us for more info.


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