PRO Answering Service Equipment and Facilities

Physical Site and Equipment

While we are proud of our Professional Telephone Operators, we should also tell you about our answering service equipment. A professional call center answering service such as PRO needs to have in place a substantial amount of fairly sophisticated equipment to make the operation work smoothly, efficiently and reliably. We have it.

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State of the Art technology

Some of the primary physical components PRO uses are special grade "T1" multiplexed phone lines, telephone numbers in blocks of 1,000 each, our own complete PBX (Private Branch eXchange) telephone system, special computer consoles for our telephone operators, voice equipment, high speed computer networks, and backup equipment and/or spare parts on site for everything. This also includes uninterruptable power supplies and filtered power on all equipment.

We also have our own automatic failover electrical power generator which keeps us up and operating during a commercial electrical outage. That's a big advantage for our customers when it's critical to get your messages quickly.

Reliability, assurance and endurance

If you are unfamiliar with the terms mentioned above, rest assured that we are trying to express to you the value and benefits to both you and us of our operating the best answering service systems equipment money can buy. It's part of why WE can honestly say...

"Celebrating our 24th year of Continuous 24 x 7 x 365 Service"

The PRO Call Center Answering Service is not just a casual setup. We maintain no less than five other companies on call 24x7 for our support if there is ever something for which we need urgent help. Actually, with a just little more equipment, we could also offer a complete line of in-home telephone services, but that is not our line of business.

Staying Ahead

Recently we upgraded the core components of our answering system machinery. We selected the latest Amtelco equipment, again. Amtelco's feature-rich suite of tools and software allows PRO Answering Service to offer the widest range of telephone answering services you are likely to need. This equipment also has computer software which allows our telephone operators to easily do a great job for you, and for our administrators to easily handle administrative functions for the systems.

We feel this upgraded system also provides PRO with a large advantage in terms of quality of service and reliability over many other call center answering services who can't afford this type of superior, quality equipment.

The Pro Advantage

We know that it's our people that make a big part of the difference you see and hear from PRO. But we also realize that it's also our investment in our specialized equipment and other resources that provide us certain tools that help to give you the benefits of PRO's Service. Together, our Professional Operators and our leading edge equipment help us be the very best we can be, for you, our Customer. We call it the PRO Advantage™.

While this upgrade in our core computing hardware and software components represents a substantial investment in our operation, we mentioned it here only to demonstrate our long term commitment to providing outstanding call center answering services for you.

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