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Why use PRO Answering & Dispatch Service solutions ?

There are lots of good reasons to use our Call Center at PRO Answering & Dispatch Service. Consider these benefits to your business:

  • No matter how small or large your business - Your callers and customers always talk with a professional, experienced operator. Your Customers appreciate that much more than an answering machine, and it's a sign to your customers that you are a professional.

  • PRO's Dispatch Service can:
    • improve the efficiency of your business
    • reduce your need for personnel or allow them to be more efficient doing other tasks
    • enhance your business image
  • We can dispatch you or your people by 2-way radio, cell phone, pager, e-mail, FAX or PDA as the calls come in. When you have more calls than people to do the work we can help you prioritize the work in terms of geography so you drive the fewest miles to your next service call. Already using PRO services are Vets, Midwives, Plumbers, Electricians, Roofers, Taxi Service, Emergency Repair Services, oxygen suppliers, and more. Could this work for your business? Yes!

  • Whenever you want you can forward your phone to us. Maybe you need some quality time working on a special project, or need to leave your phone for a few minutes, lunch, or the day. We take your calls until you are "back in your office".

  • While you are away from your desk we can...
    • hold your messages, or
    • send them to your message-capable cell phone, or
    • e-mail them to you, or
    • send them to your email-equipped PDA, or
    • FAX them to you, or
    • send them to your pager, or
    • print your messages and send them via postal mail
    • Let us know your preference.

  • PRO can also be your first line of defense for unwanted phone calls, such as solicitors. We can filter your calls for you and weed out the nonessential calls; you get only the calls you need or want. Just imagine how much more you could get done in a day without unwanted telephone calls.

  • Because your callers are our customers, too, every call deserves and gets courteous and diligent attention. All messages are transcribed so no-one forgets your message. (Please see our page on equipment.)

  • We know the "ins and outs" of the answering service business. We know how to listen - and speak with people.

  • PRO has been successfully in business since 1988 - with substantial telephone and communications technology experience before that. We are NOT some "come lately" firm running an answering service on a couple of glorified, voice capable modems and cheap software. PRO has made the investment in the requisite communications technology, tools and other requirements of a substantial answering service business. That's part of why we named our business PRO Answering & Dispatch Service.

  • Wouldn't you prefer to do business with an Award Winning company?

  • Now in our 24th year! As mentioned above, we are a successful business, and we have earned it. We continue to earn our success - every day - with every phone call we take and make.

  • Our service reputation has helped to earn the business of Local and National accounts for several varieties of business.

  • We are continuing to grow. We are very proud of that, and we do everything we can to demonstrate our quality of service with every phone call.

Whatever your most important reason - even if we didn't list it above - we would like to earn your business. We will make time for your questions about our services and to help you get your PRO Answering & Dispatch Service account started. Please call anytime to set up an account or for more information. See our phone number below.

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