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PRO is licensed in the State of Washington, and the City of Fife, Washington.

PRO was established in 1988 by Janet Train after several successful years in telephone operations and services with a large local hospital.

PRO's first operator makes an early career decision
PRO's first operator gets early career start

Starting in 1988 with a chair, a desk and a telephone, PRO Answering Service has grown to become one of the Northwest's premier call center answering services. Nowadays, our client list contains the names of local people in small business, as well as our own sort of Who's Who in local businesses, both large and small, and several National accounts.

It's no accident we have grown to average in recent years more than 1,000 clients. We strive to provide only the absolute best in answering service anywhere, everyday. We provide continual training for our professional Operators. We have upgraded our equipment several times. We continue to earn the respect of our Customers everyday, and the respect of our Customers' callers. Every phone call, 24 hours each day, 365 days a year.

Local authors have written about Pro Answering Service in a couple of books that we know about. We are grateful for the recognition.

The Pacific Rim Project
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Authors: Jennifer Reselbach and Clay Hathorn
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Tacoma & Pierce County: Window to Northwest Grandeur
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