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Our professional call center operators answer your phone lines just the way you want. We have continuously had live telephone operators on duty 24x7x365 since the day we opened in 1988.

Celebrating our
24th year of

Our commitment to our call center answering service customers is unsurpassed and we demonstrate that with every phone call we receive for you. An operator will read the script you tell us to say, take messages according to your instructions and deliver them as you request.

Nationwide Answering Service

Whether your business is next door or anywhere in the USA we can help manage your calls for you. Please contact us to set up an account so you can forward your calls to PRO Call Center and get your messages right away - or later - as you instruct us.

Our featured Call Center client services include:

HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging Service
Secure messaging of patient info is now a legal requirement.
Get miSecureMessages secure messaging service from PRO.


Custom Answering

This is our most popular arrangement. Your script is used when we answer your phone lines, and the calls are dispatched or have messages taken per your instructions. You can call in to PRO to get your messages verbally or you can listen to the recording of each call.


Medical & Dental Answering

Medical - Dental Answering

We have many physicians for whom we already answer. We know of most of the Doctors in the area and we are well respected in the medical and dental communities for accurate messages and quick response when there is an emergency. We treat your patients with compassion...


Social Services Answering

Social Services Answering

Counselors and Clinics find our answering service just right because it allows providing the focused attention your clients and patients require. We treat your patients with compassion and understand that their concern is the only problem that matters when they call...



Veterinary Answering

Part of the nature of veterinary is that between office visits and office hours, Doctors are frequently on the road to visit large animal patients. Calls come in at all hours, and the travel distance between patients takes time. Veterinarians can make...



Trades Answering

Contractors - from bulldozer operators to roofers and all the trades that operate in between - we can help you manage your phone calls. Carpenters, framers, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC firms all use PRO Call Center services.

Technical Services Answering

Technical Services Answering

Enjoy the benefits of Professional Operators answering for you when your are in the thick of it with your work. Have us contact you with the calls you want and we will take messages for the rest until it's convenient for you to get back to your callers.

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